I am a 10+ years hands-on senior level designer. I enjoy a good challenge and providing clients with multiple solutions to each project.

Focus is on clean, simple design layout and typography that is elegant and consistent throughout all disciplines: Branding, Websites, Presentations, Brochures, Packaging, Advertising and Annual Reports.

Major domestic & international clients: Pfizer, Argus Pharma Group, Romark Laboratories, McGraw Hill, Kraft Foods, Fujifilm, Mamiya, ZKTeco, Avenue, Save the Children.

Across many industries: Pharmaceutical, Technology, Education, Food, Retail, Non-profit organizations.

Experienced in every technical aspect of print production: 4+ Color Press, Silk Screening, Stamping, Die cutting, Embossing, Color separation.

Interactive expertise: Websites, Presentations, Multimedia, Flash andĀ GIF animation.